10 Great Tricks to Improve Your Life That Seem Illogical But They Work

Eat vegetables and fruit. Don’t smoke. Get some exercise. Don’t drink too much booze. Get enough sleep. Smile, practice your hobbies, be nice with what surrounds you and don’t swear. In appearance, it is easy to know the basic tricks to lead a good life. But we do not live in an ideal world and, in the end, we end up being possibility, that is, doing what we can well but it is not always the best.

It is usually easy to discover by simply using logic – or popular wisdom – that makes us healthier, happier, and improves coexistence with our family and friends. But, on some occasions, it is preferable to take a longer path or rethink our conceptions if we want to reach a good port. Not everything we have learned is true, and at other times, logic is so relentless that it is equally irrelevant.

That is why we should know the following 10 ideas that, although they seem unintuitive, can be useful in their daily application. Not always not drinking alcohol is good, if what we want is to have fun with our friends or flirt in a bar; It’s not always good to smile, if what we want is for our boss to take us seriously; And not always getting enough sleep is good if we want to get up early for a trip. In short, the shortest path between two points is not always the straight line.

Don’t exercise every day

That we practice sport does not mean that we should leave our lives in the gym every day. Even elite athletes need days of rest occasionally, otherwise they can injure themselves or worsen their performance. An investigation published in Medicine & Science in Sports suggested that going to the gym four days instead of six led to greater benefits in the long run, since the group that came more often to exercise ended up manifesting their fatigue and feeling That the exercise took him too long, while the others improved in a similar way without seeing the exercise as an obligation. In addition, we must vary the duration, intensity and duration of our exercise panel at a certain time.

But make sport when you’re more tired

It’s late, you just got out of work and the last thing you want is to run over the tape. It is precisely at that time that you must strive, as another research published in Medicine & Science in Sports showed. The authors, from the University of Texas, revealed that exercising moderately for half an hour improved the spirit of the people who practiced it and improved its vigor at the time, but also in the long term, improving its aerobic capacity.

Eats fats

It is the paradigm change that we have been announcing since long before Time magazine put it on its cover: it is carbohydrates, not fats, which really makes us fat. Regardless of the validity that we give to this hypothesis, the truth is that we should not completely banish the vilified fats of our daily regimen. Fats, after all, are an important energy reserve.

To lose weight, eat more

Eating a lot at a given time is a good way to ensure that we will eat less in the near future. Or, in other words, skipping meals, eating little or pecking without satiating will make our brains send us signals that we should eat as soon as possible high-calorie foods. If, on the contrary, we guarantee from the morning that we are sufficiently full, it will be much easier than the rest of the day we stay away from the fridge or the gastronomic binge.

Take hot food to freshen up

A very advice of mother (or grandmother). It is usual that in warm countries like India or Morocco often the warm tea is consumed, something that seems crazy to many westerners. But it has all the sense of the world. As revealed by a study published in Acta Physiological, when we drink a hot liquid, our body reacts by increasing the amount of sweat it excretes. And, although we don’t always remember it, sweat regulates our body temperature and helps refresh our body when it evaporates.

Don’t do what your partner likes

Go together to the cinema, go together shopping, go together to football, go together to an exhibition of philately, play all night to chess… That’s too heavy, isn’t it? As revealed by an investigation published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, trying by all means to share day after day the hobbies of your partner, although we do not like, only causes that in the long term we feel deeply unhappy.

Don’t wash your teeth after eating

Popular wisdom practically pushes us into the bathroom just to swallow the last piece of dessert. Bad deed. We should wait at least half an hour, because otherwise, we will be rubbing the acid hard against our teeth, which demineralized and weaken the surface of them.

If you want to be happy, see sad movies

If we are in a bad mood or decayed, we tend to think that it is best not to see any film or, in case of it, to face a comedy (which probably will not make us any grace in such circumstances). A group of psychologists from the University of Ohio showed that sad films make us instantly happy, since they lead us to put our problems in perspective and realize how much we have.

Pay with cash if you want to lose weight

We have only to refer to our personal experience to realize that payment by credit card makes us more impulsive in our purchases, not only online but also in person. The touch, weight and texture of money helps us understand what we are spending. It also happens with the food. According to an investigation published in Obesity by researchers at Cornell University, the children studied ate more junk food when they could afford it with their credit cards.

Go to work in Metro

Going to the office by car seems the acme of comfort, especially when we see those poor who go like canned sardines on the subway. Isn’t it? As psychologist Susan Charles has pointed out, traffic jams not only put us in a bad mood from early in the morning, but they can lead to serious mental disorders in the long run. The researcher recalls that we tend to concentrate so much on our final goals that we do not realize that there are many details in our daily life that undermine our health little by little, until it is too late and we are irrevocably unhappy.

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