6 Reasons to Go to a Yoga Retreat

With the arrival of good weather, have a vacation or not, you probably start to consider leaving the city, disconnect from the routine, change the air, and an option is going through your head is to go to some of the yoga retreats you see published on the Internet Why not?

After the personal experience of having attended for almost ten years to retreats of yoga, and also as organizer of several of them, I allow myself to tell you what a retirement can bring you, and if you are hesitating between spending a weekend lying in the sun , go to a festival, or take a retreat, maybe this post can help you make the right decision.

Reasons to go to a yoga retreat

Each one has its clear reasons, but some of the most common are:
1. Disconnect from routine and stress:

The best way to eliminate the stress of day to day, whether for work or for studies, is to disconnect from what you normally do, including activities that you normally perform on weekends, and change the air, practicing activities that seek Precisely reduce stress, such as relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation, etc.

2. Connect with Yourself

Once you start to disconnect from the stress, the mental burden that we usually carry, you start to connect with yourself, with the calm, the silence or the sound of nature, it is time to find yourself in the present moment, to feel you.

3. Connect with Nature

During the year we tend to be quite far away from nature, so if you can choose, it is best to go to a retreat where you know you will enjoy contact with nature, in the mountains or near the sea, and do some activity , a walk or meditation on the outside.

4. Nourish your body with healthy foods

Since you have decided to spend a weekend you, with yoga, meditation, contact with nature, also takes to feed you in the healthiest way possible, because what you eat, its quality and freshness, are essential to feel good.

5. Find other people

Although it may not be the main reason for you to retire, it is true that it is a special occasion to meet people who are looking for the same as you, peace, relaxation, calm, and in that search to find oneself is the less magical.

6. Recharge batteries

All previous reasons added give as a result that when you reach the end of the retreat, apart from that you probably want to stay to live in that wonderful place away from the noise and the city, you feel llen@ of energy, with the batteries to stop to eat the mund or and to take your life with other perceptions!

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