The Best You Can Do If You Have Been a Long Time without Going to the Bathroom


Constipation is a widespread problem, especially in Spain. According to the Spanish foundation of the digestive system (FEAD) affects between 12 and 20% of the adults of our country (more women than men). The problem is that most people think they can solve it without going to the doctor, thinking that it is enough to take care of the diet, something that sometimes is not enough.

For a time to this part, we have suffered a bombardment with the idea that you have to go to the bathroom every day, which is why we must buy all kinds of foods rich in fiber. But the truth is that many people do not defecate every day and it is something that is not a problem. However, if you do not manage to go to the bathroom a minimum of three times a week, you must worry about changing a number of habits.

We collect the advice that Deborah Fisher, Doctor of the American Gastroenterologist Association, shares in ‘Prevention’, and the indications of Dr. Arnold Wald, published in a review of studies on the constipation of ‘the Journal of the American Medical Association’.

1) Fiber-rich diet

The first advice is the one that everybody knows: a diet rich in fiber helps to go to the bathroom more regularly. If you suffer constipation you should eat often legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits (are especially beneficial dehydrated) and nuts. It is advisable to take daily between 25 and 30 grams of fiber from different sources.

2) Drink water

Take a glass of water before you go to bed to soften the feces and another just wake up to stimulate the bowel.

3) Avoid rice and chocolate

It is often talked about the need to eat fiber, but not so much that some foods encourage constipation. It is the case of white rice and other refined carbohydrates, little ripe plantains, tea, cheese and chocolate.

4) Get exercise

Move. The more intense the exercise, the better.

5) Set a fixed schedule

The perfect time to make a belly is just 30 minutes after waking up. I mean, if you get up at 7:00 every day, you should sit in the cup at 7:30 hours. Your digestive system will be ready to empty at that moment. This is assured by a scientific study collected by ‘ The Sun ‘, which states that it is the perfect time because when we wake up, our intestines begin to move, and they are ready to release the debris from the previous day. All this because our small intestine has spent the night processing the food in the colon, while we slept.

6) Taking medication carefully

These simple tips serve most people to avoid constipation, but there are people who, for multiple reasons, must resort to laxatives. In his study, Dr. Wald and his colleagues dismantle another of the myths associated with this health problem: that taking laxatives for a long time can impair the functioning of the colon and cause dependence.

It is true that the abuse of laxatives for many years can damage the nerves of the colon and the muscles of the digestive system, but it is a problem that only appears if you multiply by twelve the recommended dosage: There is nothing to worry about if we just take what n We prescribe our doctor.

7) Go to the Doctor

Constipation is usually a transient problem that is caused by a poor diet in fiber, having a sedentary life, drinking little water, delaying defecation, traveling a lot or suffering from stress, but sometimes, when the problem is chronic, its causes They may be less obvious (and remedies are not always the same). Hence the importance of going to the doctor if the usual tips do not work.

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